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Dinosaur Fact Cards - Blue
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Dinosaur Fact Cards - Blue


Check out our Dinosaur Fact Cards. Each color pack includes 16 unique Dinosaur cards with 3D art on the front and dinosaur specific information on the back.

Get all the colored packs to collect all 48 Dinosaur cards.

Blue Pack Includes

- Allosaurus                        - Ouranosaurus

- Deinocheirus                   - Pachycephalosaurus

- Dilophosaurus                - Pachyrhinosaurus

- Diplodocus                      - Spinosaurus

- Elasmosaurus                 - Titanus

- Gallimimus                      - Tupandactylus

- Kentrosaurus                  - Utahraptor

- Lambeosaurus                - Xiongguanlong

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