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Lalaboom Rainbow (5 Arches & 8pc Beads)
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Lalaboom Rainbow 8pc

Lalaboom Rainbow 8pc

Lalaboom Rainbow (5 Arches & 8pc Beads)

Lalaboom Rainbow (5 Arches & 8pc Beads)

Lalaboom Rainbow (5 Arches & 8pc Beads)

Lalaboom Rainbow (5 Arches & 8pc Beads)

Lalaboom Rainbow (5 Arches & 8pc Beads)

Lalaboom Rainbow (5 Arches & 8pc Beads)


Lalaboom Rainbow 

Suggested Ages - 18 months to 3 years+

A toy to help inspire a child's inner artist and engineer! this pack contains 5 arches and 4 colourful textured beads to promote sensory discoveries and fine motor skill development for children. The beads and shapes in this set are designed to work together with each other perfectly, so you cankeep adding to your educational toy collection easily. 

Lalaboom beads offer children the opportunity to discover and develop their skills, one step at a time. This set includes arches and beads that can be stacked or attached in many different configurations. Clip or screw them together to create all sorts of colourful shapes and structures!

  • From 12 to 18 months old - Children are at the perfect age to start exploring the world using their senses and developing their perceptual skills by experimenting with the different colours and textures of the arches.

  • From 18 months - children will start building their first towers.

  • Around 24 months old - they will start to attach the beads to the arches to create simple, complementary structures.

  • Children between 3 and 5 years old can give their creativity free reign by building more complicated structures. They will even begin to rotate the arches to make them balance!

This educational toy will help introduce children to the principles of geometry and form, including developing their dexterity and motor skills.

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